Aalborg is moving forward in many ways – also food-wise. Our food critic paid a visit to Restaurant Tabu, and it ended with a five-star review.

Stuff is happening in Aalborg. It is not only the multi-million sale of the Aab-football player Christian Bassogog that has stirred up the city. The many new buildings and constructions of the waterfront testifies it, and in 2016, Aalborg surpassed the 2 largest cities of Denmark, Aarhus and Copenhagen, in creating new jobs. In the industrial cultural heritage of Aalborg – Danish Distillers’ (De Danske Spritfabrikker) iconic buildings – plans of installing a hotel, restaurant and art center is on the drawing board. New gourmet restaurants such as Fushion, Applaus, Bühlman, Nam and Tabu, which has been revived by chef Michael, are also frontrunners in Aalborg.