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10 top restaurants of North Jutland working together to increase international awareness of North Jutland’s top gastronomy and the tourism industry of Northern Jutland as a whole.

GastroNorth is a network and a company, established by five gourmet restaurants in the North of Jutland:
  • Ruths Gourmet
  • Vendia Gourmet
  • Gourmetrestaurant Bühlmann
  • Restaurant Fusion
  • Restaurant Mortens Kro


As of 1st January 2018, five other top restaurants have joined the network:

  • Brøndums Hotel
  • Restaurant Applaus
  • Restaurant Textur
  • Ristorante La Locanda
  • Strandhotellet Blokhus


Gastro North was established with the aim of boosting turnover for North Jutland top restaurants, based on increased international awareness of North Jutland’s top gastronomy and the activities of the member companies. This is accomplished through targeted, sustained and supportive efforts in relation to, for instance, national and regional tourism initiatives, including the Danish government’s Gastro 25 initiative. The ultimate goal is to help bring one or more Michelin stars to the best of the region’s restaurants.

In addition to the owners, relevant and dedicated North Jutland restaurants, who will put in an effort to support the common cause, and who have the sufficient level and standards, will be invited to join.

The level is assessed by the Gastro North owners, and is so far defined by the assessments in established foodguides; e.g. three stars or better in the latest version of The Danish Dining Guide (“3 stars is given to restaurants, where it is found certain that the menus, service, beverages and wine range are at Danish top level”).



The objective is to be achieved through internal actions in North Jutland and internationally, based on, among others, the following focus areas:


  • Internally in member companies, to create and upgrade to the highest possible internationally recognized quality, of all relevant parameters.
  • In North Jutland, focus will be on gathering together and seeking cooperation between all relevant agents, who can fuel and support the North Jutland food story on the international scene. This will benefit all participants, from commodity producers to the North Jutland tourist industry as a whole. And therefore, of course, also the GastroNorth member companies.
  • Internationally, we will be investigating relevant media and events, and find out which should be contacted and how – and with which collaborators. In other words, how do we get for example Guide Michelin and other internationally recognized media to be interested in North Jutland’s top restaurants and the North Jutland food story, thereby making gastrically-interested international tourists interested in visiting North Jutland and spending money in our member restaurants.


Nordjyske toprestauranters netværk

10 North Jutland top restaurants work together for increased international awareness, to benefit North Jutland’s top gastronomy and the Northern Jutland tourism industry as a whole. The ultimate goal is to help bring one or more Michelin stars to the best of the region’s restaurants.

Founding members of the network are Gourmetrestaurant Bühlmann at Scheelsminde Hotel, Restaurants Fusion and Mortens Kro (all in Aalborg), and along with them Ruth’s Hotel & Gourmet and Vendia Gourmet (Skagen and Hjørring).
Pr. January 1st 2018, Brøndums Hotel (Skagen), Restaurant Applaus, Restaurant Textur and Ristorante La Locanda (all in Aalborg), and Blokhus Strandhotel (Blokhus) have joined. Along the way, more restaurants of the appropriate level will be invited.

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