Full endorsement from VisitAalborg and member of the Danish Parliament, Søren Gade. Both support the wish for Budget support for the 10 GastroNorth member restaurants’ initiatives and projects, which will enhance the international media awareness of North Jutland as an international foodie-destination and the overall goal – Michelin Stars.

The 10 North Jutland-based gourmet restaurants of GastroNorth are excited about that the globally oriented gastro initiative, which, as disclosed by the Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, will be a part of the Danish Government’s Budget proposal to be presented Thursday 30 August 2018. In this proposal, 40M Danish kroner over four years have been earmarked for initiatives with the overall goal of “promoting Denmark’s position as a global center for gastronomy.”

Four of the five GastroNorth owners and original initiators: From left, the restauranteurs Vinh Q. Du of Restaurant Fushion, Morten Nielsen of Mortens Kro, Peter Chr. Bühlmann of Ruths Gourmet and Kristian Rise of Vendia Gourmet. In 2018, the circle of GastroNorth was expanded to 10 member restaurants. Photo by: GastroNorth.

“The idea is right and will probably indirectly be a part creating more jobs in the Danish tourism trade – even outside of Copenhagen. We hope that North Jutland and our internationally oriented gastro initiative is considered. We also think that it would be a given,” says GastroNorth’s head of communication Mads Stenstrup. He refers to that GastroNorth particularly works towards more international media awareness of the top-gastronomy of North Jutland – and the overall goal of getting Michelin Stars, which Denmark only has a few of. A higher level of tourism in NorthJutland and more workplaces within tourism in North Jutland is the philosophy. 10 of North Jutland’s acknowledged gourmet restaurants* are behind the GastroNorth corporation.

VisitAalborg supports the initiative.

“The GastroNorth initiative has the last couple of years been a catalysator of an increased focus on our top gastronomy in North Jutland and that it can help creating a new and more all-year-around oriented influx of tourists in Aalborg and North Jutland – beneficial for the entire tourism trade. The co-operation has been good, and the specific initiatives taken by GastroNorth has, amongst others, VisitAalborg’s full support. We find it entirely justified if the Government will support GastroNorth and their initiatives by providing resources to support their visionary work”, says VisitAalborg’s managing director Rasmus Jerver.

GastroNorth gathers restaurants and local food suppliers

Rasmus Jerver refers to the application to Vækstforum – which is a forum under The North Denmark Region, which managing director Ole Hall supported by all the 11 municipal Visit-organisations of North Jutland have composed under the title FoodNorth. In the future, the project is supposed to gather and coordinate a closer co-operation between the restaurants and local food suppliers in North Jutland. An initiative that, amongst other things, is expected to lead to a greater and more unambiguous clarification of the region as attractive to international gastro tourists and as an international tourist destination. Recently, GastroNorth has in this connection already been informed of a smaller funding for the foodie-innovation project called TourismX, which will be a digital online platform that connects restaurants and local food suppliers.

At GastroNorth, managing director Ole Hall and the member restaurants hope that the members of the Danish Parliament who comes from North Jutland will across parties work towards securing the initiative a part of the Budget funds. Originally, it was the Danish party Venstre’s member of Parliament, Søren Gade, who in 2017’s Budget initiated that GastroNorth received a subsidy as initial capital. Subsequently, another amount was given to GastroNorth from Aalborg Trade Council with mayor Thomas Kastrup Larsen of the Danish Social Democratic Party as head.

Søren Gade sees results

Søren Gade thinks that the GastroNorth initiative has shown its eligibility and that the subsidy was well spent. He hopes that GastroNorth will succeed in raising the needed funding necessary for the initiative.

“It is very clear that GastroNorth has an increased focus on the gastronomic capabilities in North Jutland – as well as locally, regionally and nationwide. More specifically, the international press is becoming more and more interested in North Jutland in connection with gastronomy, and they mention the ambitious gourmet restaurants in North Jutland and the growing number hereof as well as the GastroNorth initiative. Yes, I am trying to make my influence applicable and I, at the same time, hope to be able to gather the members of the Danish Parliament from North Jutland across parties and, thereby, support the Danish Government’s already positive attitude towards the initiative. For example, six months ago, Minister for Public Sector Innovation Sophie Løhde had a meeting with GastroNorth to be informed of and understand the idea, which in my opinion is an idea that also can be used elsewhere in Denmark,” Søren Gade adds. The GastroNorth initiative has been source of inspiration for a similar project called Destination Fyn.

*Member restaurants of GastroNorth are: Ruths Hotel, Vendia Bryghus, Restaurant Fushion, Mortens Kro, Gourmet Restaurant Bühlmann, Restaurant Textur, La Locanda, Restaurant Applaus, strandhotellet Blokhus and Brøndums Hotel. Read more about GastroNorth here: http://www.gastronorth.dk/?lang=en

For more information please contact: GastroNorth’s head of communication Mads Stenstrup, tlf. +45 22 14 13 00, email: mads.stenstrup@gastronorth.dk and read more on www.gastronorth.dk