“Cooperating and working together towards a common international goal is the way forward”, says one of the 5 new restaurators, Dennis Juhl, restaurant Textur. Tourist organization VisitAalborg congratulates GastroNorth with the expansion, and look forward to cooperating with the North Jutland gastronetwork towards the common goal of acquiring Michelin stars to the region by 2020.

In just a good week’s time, on Monday 19th February, Michelin Guide will publish which restaurants in 2018 will be awarded with the coveted Michelin stars, the ultimate symbols of international attention. The entire gourmet industry holds its breath in the hours, days and weeks before the announcement, hoping.

Brøndums Hotel and its fine restaurant have become a member of GastroNorth, with both of Skagen’s classic seaside hotels now being part of the GastroNorth restricted membership.

High hopes that one or more North Jutland toprestaurants will make it to the Michelin Guide stars before long, lies behind the decision of why five of the most well-known North Jutland top restaurants have welcomed the invitation and joined the original founders of the GastroNorth company and network.

Brøndums Hotel, Strandhotellet Blokhus and Aalborg Restaurants, Applause, La Locanda and Texture thus now expands the GastroNorth circle, joining founding member restaurants Ruth’s Gourmet and Vendia Gourmet in Skagen and Hjørring, and the three Aalborg restaurants Bühlmann, Fusion and Mortens Kro.

“Cooperation is the future. It makes us all better. We all agree with the vision and we have noticed GastroNorth’s focused effort on creating international media attention. This is an effort we would like to support and benefit from”, says Dennis Juhl from one of the new GastroNorth member restaurants, Texture.

Restaurateur Kristian Rise from Vendia Gourmet at Bryghuset Vendia, one of the original initiators of the one-year-old company, agrees:

Carlo Liberati’s gem of an Italian restaurant in Aalborg, La Locanda, has also accepted the invitation to become a member of the GastroNorth network.

“We perform extraordinary things up here in the North Jutland kitchens. For an international gastroturist, travelling to North Jutland is a very unique experience. The international media is starting to discover this, partly because of our cooperation and the GastroNorth vision. We would love to let even more of the best and most committed restaurants into our circle, and gain even more momentum and more attention from potential projectpartners” explains Kristian Rise.


Benefits the whole tourism industry

Some of the most important North Jutland partners are the 11 Visit organizations in the North Jutland municipalities and VisitNordjylland, which all gives great support to the GastroNorth vision.

Mads Hyllested’s Restaurant Applaus has received great praise, and now the Aalborg restaurant is part of GastroNorth.

“Increased international media attention to North Jutland’s top gastronomy attracts more gastrotourists to Aalborg and North Jutland. It is very beneficial, not just to that individual restaurant which might be good enough to get a Michelin star. This will benefit the entire tourism industry and it will help even more food tourists find their way to North Jutland. We fully support the best people in joining GastroNorth”, says Visit Aalborg’s director, Rasmus Jerver.




For further information contact: GastroNorth Communications Manager Mads Stenstrup, tel. +47 22 14 13 00, email: mads.stenstrup@gastronorth.dk And read more at www.gastronorth.dk