Nordisk Brænderi (Nordic Distillery) has been set up and is driven by engineer, Anders Bilgram, whom has studied and acquired knowledge and experience within the field of distillation through travels and stays in Germany, Russia and the Nordic countries.

Furthermore, Anders has a background as an adventurer and expedition-leader in the Arctic, and he is a member of The Adventurers’ Club of Denmark.

The numerous visits with warm people along the coast of the Arctic Ocean, where multiple illegal “micro-distilleries” has produced their “Djunglebrew” or vodka, has kick-started the thought of realising the crazy idea of legally doing what other people with economic difficulties must do on the sly. Anders has thereby had the idea of opening a distillery in North Jutland – and idea that has turned into a reality.

The further training in the noble art of distillation primarily took place in Germany – especially in the South of Germany where he trained with the castle distiller Herbert Rösch.

Herbert has been Anders’ mentor and he still is, as he generously passes on his unique expertise within the field.



Nordic gin, Whisky, Schnapps and distilled spirits, Rum

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