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The network of 10 top-restaurants in North Jutland is working towards increased international awareness in favour of North Jutland’s top-gastronomy and its tourism trade as a whole. 

Pressetur fra Norge

Press Tour from Norway
Welcome to North Jutland

North Jutland is plentiful in picturesque nature, and you will find that the east and west coast is within short distance. The child-friendly beaches offers among other things large sand dunes, soft sand and clean shallow bathing water. In this connection, Skagen is one of the most popular destinations where tourists from far and wide sets the frame for the cozy maritime holiday mood.

We would also like to welcome you to the capital of North Jutland – Aalborg. In a race between 83 different European countries, in 2016, Aalborg was elected Europe’s Happiest City. The city has undergone a huge transformation, which entails a new waterfront and exciting architecture. Earlier on, Aalborg was a dull industrial city but today, the city shines brightly. In general, the young population with many students is key when it comes to the great mood and atmosphere of Aalborg. The growth in cultural activities also makes Aalborg a dynamic city that is in constant development.

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