Solid progress for the North Jutland top restaurants; 20 restaurants now have stars in The Danish Dining Guide compared to 15 in last year’s edition. See here how your favorite restaurant performed.

Sunday evening was a big night for the North Jutland top restaurants, as the Danish Diner Guide celebrated the industry with the distribution of its annual awards, and published the 2018 edition of the Dining Guide – No. 41 in the series.  It all took place in an audience of 160 food professionals, at a great gala dinner at the Michelin restaurant Frederiksminde in Præstø.

At national level, it rang loud and clear that Michael “Miv” Pedersens year-old restaurant Tabu won the Danish Dining Guide Year’s Breakthrough award. The motivation letter stated: “Gastronomy created predominantly of regional seasonal products based on a sparkling innovative personal expression where taste and palatability go hand in hand.”


The picture shows Morten Kok Nielsen (No. 2 from the right) along side restaurateur Henrik Pedersen, Babette (in the middle). Photo: GastroNorth.

Mortens Kro did not win the coveted Restaurant of the Year award, which instead went to Restaurant Babette.
The Mortens Kro team did celebrate their becoming Best North Jutland restaurant, though.
Likewise, Morten “Kok” Nielsen celebrated that Mortens Kro (20 year jubilee this year) got the highest score of all the North Jutland top restaurants.  This year, Mortens Inn reached “sun” level, the level right above the three stars given to his 8 talented North Jutland colleagues.  The impressive high score puts Morten in the North Jutland top, overtaking Ruth’s Gourmet’s position in the lead – this must dull the disappointment with him and his team for not winning the guide’s most sought after award; Restaurant of the Year.

Kresten Scheel Langvold from Brøndums Hotel in Skagen won the Waiter of the Year award. Here he is seen in the middle together with restaurant manager Jan Restorff (t.o.) from Søllerød Kro, who motivated the award. Photo: GastroNorth.

In total, five North Jutland restaurants were nominated for nine prizes, and ended up winning the two.
In addition to Tabu’s win, Brøndums Hotel’s renowned waiter Kresten Scheel Langvold, who has served the hotel’s pampered guests since 1985, won the Waiter of the Year award. Pretty impressive.

More stars to more restaurants

Looking at the cream of the North Jutland restaurants found worthy of stars in the guide, it is clear that North Jutland continue to progress, as it has done the past few years.

A clear sign is the two brand new restaurants that moved markedly high into the field of the now 20 North Jutland top restaurants that are found worthy of reviews in the guide. Blokhus Strandhotel and Textur in Aalborg both moved straight into the list, each with three stars. The brand new Strandingskroen (Blokhus) – scored two stars and Nam in Aalborg, also quite new, scored one star.

Some North Jutland restaurants also experienced decline though, typically as a result of a change in kitchen manager, of which the The Danish Dining Guide editor Bent Christensen and his anonymous critics have quite a conservative view. A change usually results in a down-classification the following year until they’ve got a full picture of what the new chef can do. Because of this, both Ruth’s Gourmet, Ruth’s Braserie, and Brøndums in Skagen all experienced a decline in level, just as restaurant De To Have lost two of its three stars. Restaurant Bühlmann at Hotel Scheelsminde took the worst drop though, with a loss of all its three stars. This should not so much be perceived as a criticism of the restaurant’s previous gastronomic level, but rather as a consequence of the fact that the restaurant since the summer holiday has chosen to postpone its reopening, while continuing the search for a new chef.

Nordjysk top 20

Good atmosphere and great dining in both the main and side hall at the beautiful Frederiksminde on Præstø, where the gala for the Danish top restaurants took place.

The Danish Dining Guide’s complete classification for the 20 North Jutland top restaurants found worthy of reviews, looks like this. (the grades in brackets are last years).

Nr. 1
Mortens Kro “Sol” (***)

Nr. 2-9
Restaurant Fusion *** (***)
Ruths Gourmet *** (sol)
Restaurant Tabu *** (**)
Restaurant Textur *** (-)
Strandhotellet Blokhus *** (-)
Vendia Gourmet *** (***)
Vendia Braserie *** (***)
Villa Vest *** (***)

Nr. 10-14
Brøndums Hotel ** (***)
Restaurant Applaus ** (**)

Restaurant La Locanda ** (**)
Ruths Braserie ** (***)
Strandingskroen ** (-)

Nr. 15-20
Musikkens Spisehus * (*)
Hotel Amerika * (-)
Restaurant De To Have * (***)
Restaurant Essens * (-)
Restaurant La Cantina * (*)
Restaurant NAM * (-)