This week, White Guide Denmark published its 2018 edition, in which Ruth’s Gourmet in Skagen is rated as the best North Jutland eatery, while Restaurant Tabu in Aalborg gets the regions best rating when it comes to gastronomy alone.  In addition, Ruth’s Gourmet is the first North Jutland restaurant to achieve a total score of 80 points in the White Guides’ ingenious points system, given for the overall impression.  Under normal circumstances, this would suffice for Ruth Gourmest to hit the White Guides top ranking “Global Masters Level”, but lacking a mere 2 points in gastronomy, the Skagen restaurant ends at the level just under “master class”.  Similarly, Restaurant Tabu would also place at Global Masters Level, if it came down to Michael Miv’s Pedersen food alone. But in this case, it’s the category of overall impression which needs a little improvement to hit the top level.  On a total Danish Kitchen-top, Tabu is therefore rated best Northern jewel, as number 25 on the list.

White Guide concludes the review of Ruth’s Gourmet with the words “Superb taste in the northernmost Nordjylland”, while the guide’s conclusion about Tabu reads: “A unique localgastronomic fairytale”.

Restaurant Tabu is emphasized by the White Guide for Best Gastronomy in North Jutland. Here we see the people behind the scenes three weeks ago, as the Danish Diner Guide announced the restaurant as Breakthrough of the Year.

Quite a milestone reached for these two GastroNorth founding member restaurants!
Also, applause is in order for the other two North Jutland restaurants highlighted in the White Guide for “master class”: Namely, Villa Vest in Lønstrup and Vendia Gourmet in Hjørring. Another 11 North Jutland restaurants are mentioned in the “very good class”, namely in the following order:

5. Brøndums, Skagen 74 / 29
6. Textur, Aalborg: 74 / 32
7. Fusion, Aalborg: 74 / 31
8. Applaus, Aalborg: 73 / 32
9. Mortens Kro, Aalborg: 73 / 29
10. Bühlmann, Aalborg: 72 / 30
11. Vendia Brasserie, Hjørring: 71 / 30
12. Strandingskroen, Blokhus: 71 / 29
13. Can Blau, Aalborg: 67 / 31
14. Nam, Aalborg: 67 / 30
15. Læsø Spisehus: 67 / 28

It’s interesting to note that the White Guide has chosen five new names from North Jutland among the 15 restaurants they emphasize; Nam, Tabu and Textur in Aalborg, as well as Læsø Spisehus and Strandingskroen in Blokhus; all places of great talent. Big congratulations, not only to the 5 but to all 15.

According to the White Guide, the three best restaurants of the year in Denmark, assessed on the performance of the kitchen alone, are:

1. Geranium, København 39/97
2. Koks, Kirkjubøur, Færøerne 39/93
3. Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, København 38/95

The White Guide appears in its 2018 edition somewhat decimated compared to last year. The guide no longer mentions any classes below “very good class”; which has reduced the number of restaurants mentioned in all of Denmark from 325 to 125. Some of the symbols and icons used in the guide are not explained in the 2018 edition, so to fully understand the ratings, one must consult the previous editions.